RANSOMWARE – Extortion tool of Hackers


Be Alert if you are Computer or Smart Phone user. Hacker may contact you for Ransom.

Hackers are now ready with their newly digital attacking software which is named as RANSOMWARE.

Like Malware , you may become victim of RANSOMWARE. Along with any software RANSOMWARE may get installed silently as Malwares do.

In case of RANSOMWARE attack you may loose your all data except system files. Ransomware encrypt all your files as per the pattern written by hacker. Here starts the game. In order to decrypt or restoration of files in their original form hacker will call or email you for a deal. Only after settlement , hacker will provide you or remotely run a program on your system ( Mobile or Computer ) to decrypt the files. The most popular RANSOMWARE till date is CRYPTOLOCKER.



In my next post I will share you practices through which you can avoid installation of RANSOMWARE .

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